Effective Editing
Claire Valgardson


What do I do?

I'm a full-time freelance copy editor and proofreader who polishes all kinds of manuscripts, one sentence at a time. Whether you're writing a thesis or a personal statement, I can make it better!

Who are my clients?

My clients include, but are not limited to, students, academics, authors, and entrepreneurs. I've edited manuscripts for a diverse range of people from Canada and the United States.

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For most of my clients, time is of the essence. I treat deadlines as sacrosanct and will consistently go the extra mile to create outstanding work.

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My aim is to bring out the meaning behind the words. This could involve deleting excess verbiage, rearranging paragraphs to clarify an argument, replacing pedestrian verbs with punchier ones, and helping you appeal to a certain audience.

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To deliver an error-free final draft, I'll check or query unverified facts, look up possibly misspelled terms, and review everything at least twice to ensure correctness and consistency.

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In my ten years in business, I've edited almost every imaginable type of document, from non-fiction manuscripts to cover letters. Few things are too technical for me to tackle.

Many people think that copy editing is mainly about grammar. But while correct usage is essential, a good editor is more than a human version of Grammarly.


Tips from a Freelance Sentence Wrangler